About Us


IAL Kids is a boutique Talent Agency based in Brighton run by Rachel O’Shea and Ndeshi Shipanga. We look after children and young performers primarily based in London and the South East. Rachel co-founded Irish Actors London in 2010 and shortly afterwards followed up with International Actors London. The Agencies combined are known as IAL and the Children and Young performers division was set up in early 2016.  Ndeshi comes from a performing background and also has several years experience in recruitment so she is combining her talents at IAL Kids.

We are committed to finding uniquely talented young actors who have the personality, drive and stamina to succeed in the entertainment business. Both being Mothers we have a very hands on approach when it comes to mentoring and guiding our young talent and keep very open lines of communication with all our clients.

We very regularly attend performances and workshops and are always happy to receive invitations. If you’d like us to attend a performance please get in touch.